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The Successful Canna-preneur Mindset: T.E.R.P.S. Formula

The secret sauce lies in the effective and efficient management of your time, energy, ROI, productivity, and synergy (T.E.R.P.S.).

Time. The Successful Canna-preneur is patient and manages time accordingly. Never obsess about past mistakes. Learn from the past and move on. Successful canna-preneurs concentrate on the present moment and aim to do their best at this very moment because this is what your future will be based on. As canna-preneurs who inevitably wear many hats, managing time can get tricky. Especially when it’s tempting to work all day to grow the business. But being successful doesn’t mean being a slave to your work. Learn how to use, keep, and multiply your time.

Energy. The Successful Canna-preneur harnesses, manages, and shares energy. Choose your emotional battles carefully and avoid stressing about things that you cannot control. At first, this may feel uncomfortable due to our innate habit of “reacting”. But once you’re comfortable it will be a liberating feeling. This feeling will help you to concentrate on the important things, which you can actually do something about, not on the things, which you can’t control. The Successful Canna-preneur looks for the opportunities in the problems, not the opposite. Train on how to use, keep, and multiply your energy.

ROI (Return on investment). The Successful Canna-preneur identifies ROI in every transaction or exchange, understands how to use it, keep it, and multiply it. Become cognizant of future value, and short-term return. Most people know how to make money, only a few know how to keep it and very few know how to multiply it. The rules of money haven’t changed in centuries and there taught in the books such as “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Even if currency has changed (bartering to crypto), the concept of the value of money has not been affected. You don’t need to become a financial advisor but you need to nail the fundamentals and make the money mindset part of your daily life. The Successful Canna-Preneur values money and uses it as a tool to achieve their goals. In order to become more successful in business as well as life, you need to learn how to use, keep, and multiply your money.

Productivity. Productivity is one of the many keys to success. At the beginning stages a company’s productivity is directly related to its canna-preneur’s personal productivity. In the larger context, the actions or decisions of the business owner largely affect the company’s productivity. The Successful Canna-preneur works harder on oneself so as to achieve productivity, and identifies the various things that hinder it. Identifying these problems and fixing them in an accurate manner brings about improvement in one’s life and business. Discipline is key to be productive.

Synergy. Synergy and alignment mean that the inside thoughts need to match the outside words and actions. We all want that inflection point that’s going to turn our growth from a flat line into a hockey stick. But the reality is that there’s no silver bullet that’s going to get you from zero to success. It’s going to take time, lots of hard work, and doing many little things right. The Successful Canna-preneur aims to gain as many small wins as possible, every single day. Continue the process indefinitely and watch yourself grow.

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