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So you want to start a cannabis business?


Do you dream of starting your own legal cannabis business and becoming an advocate for the plant but have no idea where to start or how to make it work? Then this book is for you! Learn the ins and outs of entering and navigating the cannabis space as a professional. Author, entrepreneur, and business consultant JM Balbuena, will guide you through assessing the industry and the requirements to build a compliant cannabis wellness business, as well as guide you through developing a clear vision strategy for long term success as the world moves closer towards legalization.


These pages, will provide you with first-hand, expert guidance for:


• Becoming a legal cannabis entrepreneur

• Starting a cannabis business that aligns with your passion and your wallet

• Differentiate between what’s legal and what’s not in the U.S.

• Building a solid foundation and support systems

• Discovering novel opportunities to expand in the cannabis space

• Bonus: tools and resources to help you save time and money!


If you are searching for a way to pursue your passion in this budding industry, then grab your copy now and start your journey as a cannabis entrepreneur!

The Successful Canna-Preneur

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  • The cannabis industry is newly legal, and as the industry transitions to a more mainstream and normalized environment, it continues to experience unprecedented growth.

    Building an industry from the ground up takes a village; the cannabis industry attracts entrepreneurs of all areas and levels of experience, from horticulturists to logistics professionals to tech experts, all of whom want a piece of the multibillion-dollar pot pie. While the industry has already experienced exponential growth, it is still in its early stages. With the seemingly -endless opportunities in the space, you might be considering launching a cannabis business of your own.

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